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WinDor is an important partner of The Folding Door Store. We carry not only their doors, but their windows as well. WinDor is committed to making your home or businesses windows look stylish as well as saving you money on utility bills. With sophisticated design that is energy efficient, you can keep your interior space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And each WinDor window is custom built to your exact specifications. Contact us to ask about replacement windows by WinDor today.

WinDor Windows Features

Quality products with a friendly budget

Strong and durable

Made from virgin vinyl that doesn’t discolor or crack even under harsh weather conditions

Constructed for maximum energy efficiency

Reduces outside noise

Easy operation

Secure locking systems

Measuring for final touches of windows

Folding Windows

Folding windows by WinDor Systems are created using the same innovative and proven technologies and platform used for their folding doors. They use a unique combination of both vinyl and aluminum since the two materials complement each other in their strengths and weaknesses and combined create a superior product.

Combining Aluminum and Vinyl: The Window Solution

While aluminum is strong and rigid, allowing for larger sized installations than the traditional vinyl bi fold windows, there is a tendency for corrosion and inferior energy efficiency due to aluminums heat conductivity. WinDor’s vinyl, on the other hand, will never crack, peel, or corrode. It requires minimal maintenance, and makes for extremely energy efficient bi fold windows. However, vinyl on its own is limited in strength and therefore cannot be used for larger openings.

With this understanding, the WinDor solution is to combine these two materials creating a unique, strong and durable folding window system that is both energy efficient and low maintenance. They are unmatched by any other folding window system in the country.

Kitchen sink and counter area is more welcoming with this folding window by WinDor Systems
Folding windows for kitchen viewed from exterior

Other Available Window Types

Casement Window

If you are looking to open up your view, consider WinDor’s casement replacement windows. These vinyl replacement windows can be combined with WinDor’s garden or bay window to allow better flow of air and natural light as well.

Single Hung Window

Single hung vinyl replacement windows have an extensive history as one of the earliest forms in design and construction for homes. We continue to provide these windows by WinDor to help customers who enjoy traditional styling for their projects.

Custom Shaped Window

We can provide windows of various shapes and sizes with WinDor’s custom shaped windows which are made to order. Whether you want radius, circle, rake, or other options, we can set these up for you with WinDor’s superior products.

Sliding Window

The sliding window by WinDor has a modern look with optimized operation through the use of high-grade stainless-steel needle bearing rollers that help the windows to glide smoothly on its tracks and comes equipped with superior locking systems.

Awning Windows

The unique awning windows by WinDor provide maximum ventilation and natural light, and with its top hinge and bottom opening operation, you can even keep it open on a rainy day to keep the air circulating through your building.

Garden Window

For extra sunlight, and especially for the avid (or novice!) gardeners out there, the garden window is an option that protrudes exteriorly with four glass sides to allow lots of natural light for your plants all year while being energy efficient.

Picture Window

If you love extra sunlight but don’t need the extra ventilation, picture windows may be an option for you. WinDor’s picture window can be combined with a variety of other window systems or as an accent in smaller openings as well.

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