Ventura County

Named one of the most desirable places to live in the country, Ventura County is home to some of the safest communities in the U.S and is adorned by spectacular plains, valleys, and coastal mountains. As a home or property owner in Ventura County, these splendors are accessible in your very back yard, and The Folding Door Store is committed to partnering with you so that you and your family can maximize your enjoyment of these diverse natural beauties!

Just imagine yourself enjoying expansive views of the open plains through your new bi fold glass doors or entertaining guests with a flair by extending your ocean-view patio area with folding doors. Exterior bifold doors are also great for taking in the sights and scents of oakwood forests, or simply opening your view to the backyard to watch your children play while you take care of household chores. We can turn your Ventura County dream home into a reality with the largest range of quality bi folding doors in the Western region, and outstanding “A to Z” service to match!   

Exterior bifold doors open up to patio and provide spectacular views

Open up your dining or living area to the beautiful surroundings of your Ventura County home with stunning “cornerless” bi fold glass doors! These are the ultimate luxury in folding glass doors for patio, and are also known as “floating corner”, “open corner”, or “frameless corner” doors. When open, these innovative glass doors will open up an entire corner of your home or workplace to the great outdoors without so much as a corner post to clutter up your view. Depending on the structural capacity of your building, cornerless bifold exterior doors can even extend as far as the entire length of two walls of a room. Imagine the possibilities for entertaining, brightening up a dark and forgotten corner, or simply relaxing in nature without leaving the comfort of your own home! The Folding Door Store even offers configurations that include a single-panel door within the system for quick and easy access, along with professional installation in your area.

Professional bifold door installation is always crucial, and cornerless exterior bifold doors are no exception.  In fact, these doors require that your property be professionally evaluated by an architect or engineer to ensure that it is structurally viable, and some structural work may even be required before cornerless bi folding doors can be installed. At The Folding Door Store, we are a leading authority on the installation of all kinds of bifold exterior doors with an extensive background in the construction industry and our own team of in-house installation contractors. By providing all of the services under one roof, we not only guarantee your folding glass doors for patio as a product, but also the installation and services.