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What Type of Patio Door is Right for You?

Whether you’re doing a small makeover or a full remodel of your living room, you’ll have lots of decisions to make. One of them will be the type of door you want in your home’s largest living area. As typically, the living room opens out to the backyard, that decision usually comes down to two styles of door: glass sliding patio doors or folding glass doors. Both have good points, so here’s a brief guide to the main considerations in making your decision.

Your lifestyle: One of the biggest factors in choosing between a sliding and a folding patio door is your family’s lifestyle. Do you have kids that spend lots of time in the backyard, but frequently dash in and out to visit the kitchen or bathroom? A folding door leaves the entry wide-open, so your children can easily come and go. But perhaps you have indoor-only pets, or a toddler you need to keep an eye on. In that case, a sliding door is more secure.

How about entertaining? If you throw lots of outdoor soirees, you can’t beat the convenience of a folding door. As it pushes completely to the sides, leaving the entryway completely open, your guests can easily move between the living room and the outdoor entertainment area.

Outside views: If your home looks out on a gorgeous view, a folding door lets you enjoy it without any distracting frames or panels. While sliding doors also let you enjoy the view, they do have a more obvious frame than a folding door does.

Budget: You undoubtedly have a budget for your living room makeover. If that budget is very tight, you’ll find more affordable options with a sliding door.

Home value: A beautiful new door always adds value to your home, but because folding glass doors are often associated with luxury, they’ll add a bit more to your house’s value.

The house’s style: Folding patio doors are very elegant and dramatic, making them suitable for homes with equally elegant or dramatic design. Sliding doors work well with just about any style of home.

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