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Stoett Industries, Inc. manufactures a variety of customized screen systems (including the popular StowAway retractable screen door). Located in Hicksville, Ohio, the company engages in extensive new product development efforts. It also oversees an expanding network of screen solution distributors and retail outlets. This valuable commercial infrastructure ensures customers obtain ongoing support for Stoett screens. As a U.S. company, the firm takes great pride in designing and producing top quality, innovative products. The company provides customers with the opportunity to obtain fully customized and pre-assembled retractable screens  The firm also performs requested specialized manufacturing services, including drilling, notching, punching, and fabricating individualized orders.


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retractable screens by Stoett

StowAway Retractable Screen Doors

One of the most enduring and versatile product lines developed by Stoett Industries, Inc. still interests customers today: StowAway Retractable Screen Doors. A customer can utilize this Stoett screens product to fit any door or window in a residence or commercial building. This capability enables the user to enjoy views from a variety of perspectives. These retractable screens offer several appealing options. Some of these features include the use of variable colors and sizes. Additionally, customers can select between screens furnishing strong mesh (designed to provide pet-resistance), UV protective mesh, or ultra-fine mesh. Retailers have marketed this high-quality product under names describing the company’s tailored screen doors as “Hide Away”, “Disappearing”, “Vanishing”, or “Invisible” screens.

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