Santa Monica

Make the most of life in beautiful Santa Monica with our folding glass doors for patio! With a spectacular 3-mile coastline overlooking Santa Monica Bay, bustling Downtown streets and shopping areas, and friendly residential neighborhoods with pleasant ocean breezes, Santa Monica offers a wealth of environmental delights for you to open your home or business up to.  Contact The Folding Door Store today and let us help you create your dream home!

The question about the safety of large folding glass patio doors may have you a little hesitant about installing them for your own home or business. Certainly, the large amount of glass can cause concerns about breakage and security issues, especially if your home or business is located in one of the a high-traffic neighborhood of Santa Monica close to the beach, Downtown, or by other shopping areas. However, these concerns are outdated and based on myth rather than facts. Technology has advanced a great deal since sliding glass doors were first introduced over a hundred years ago, and the safety and security of glass doors in general have improved to where they are just as secure as regular doors. In fact, in the case of glass bifold doors, they are even more secure than your regular doors, as long as they are correctly installed by a professional.

With extra strong glass panes and double-glazing for reinforcement, folding glass patio doors from The Folding Door Store are shatter-proof and come with a multi-point locking system, making them virtually impossible to break into. The only way that an intruder could gain access through a folding patio door would be to physically lift the door panel out of the frame. Not only is this extremely heavy and awkward, it is a very technical task that requires specialized tools and extensive professional knowledge and experience in the mechanisms of the specific bi fold patio door they are trying to break into. A smart thief would frankly go looking for a regular door or window elsewhere!

If you want to be extra cautious and further enhance the security of your folding glass doors for patio, you can also opt for additional security measures such as door alarms, security screens, and drop-bolt or deadbolt locks. So, forget about the risks of yesterday’s sliding glass doors and look to the future with our exterior folding doors!

As we stated earlier, the security of your bi fold patio door is highly contingent on professional installation by a certified technician, making The Folding Door Store the ideal retailer for you! At The Folding Door Store, we are a leading authority on the installation of all kinds of exterior folding doors with an extensive background in the construction industry and our own team of in-house installation contractors. By providing all of the services under one roof, we not only guarantee your new folding patio door as a product, but also the installation and services. Contact us for your next exterior folding doors project and have peace of mind with our professional bifold door installation services!