Santa Barbara

With stunning coastlines, mountain views, and a temperate Mediterranean climate, Santa Barbara is often referred to as the American Riviera. Why not make the most of these conditions on your Santa Barbara property by installing one of our folding door wall systems?! Bi fold glass doors can be installed to open up to your backyard, patio or backyard from your home’s living, dining, or bedroom areas so that you can enjoy the views and ocean breeze from the comfort of your own home. Or if you own a business in the bustling downtown area, bi fold doors make for an inviting entrance to your retail store, an easy access to your gallery for crowds on monthly art walk nights, or an efficient divider for your restaurant’s patio area. The Folding Door Store offers the largest selection of bi fold glass doors, along with reliable and professional installation in Santa Barbara, and we would love to partner with you to actualize your dreams!

So, what type of patio doors are right for you? To simplify the process, here are some of the factors you may want to consider:

Style and Size | For an expansive opening, our folding door wall systems are our top sellers, providing a spectacular effect with easy access in and out. Our multi-slide and lift-and-slide doors are the next most popular choices. All of these doors come in a range of materials, finishes, and colors so can be matched with all styles of buildings.

For your smaller doors, regular sliding patio doors are better fitted for a modern style interior, whereas French exterior doors come in a wide range of styles to suit everything from rustic to modern.

Space | The space we are referring to here is the area that requires clearing around the doorway in order for full operation. Sliding patio doors are the most space efficient, as they require no additional room to operate. Bi fold doors come in a close second, with the panels folding over each other perpendicularly to the walls. Finally, with the French exterior doors, floor space will need to be cleared with consideration of the swing-radius of the door, and whether the doors are in-swing or out-swinging.

Energy Efficiency | Our folding doors and lift-and-slide doors provide the greatest energy efficiency with extremely tight seals, and options for additional insulating panes due to their abilities to hold extra weight. French doors also have a tighter seal than regular sliding doors, resulting in better energy performance, and both styles have options for thermal performance glass.

Security | With the advance of new technologies for glass strength as well as innovative locking systems, all three types of doors are now more secure than ever and comparable to or even safer than regular doors. Our bi fold doors, in particular, are fitted with a multi-point locking system and shatter-proof glass, so that with correct professional installation, break-in is virtually impossible without specialized industry knowledge and tools.

Professional bifold door installation is always crucial, and at The Folding Door Store, we are a leading authority on the installation of all kinds of bifold exterior doors with an extensive background in the construction industry and our own team of in-house installation contractors. By providing all of the services under one roof, we not only guarantee your bifold exterior doors as a product, but also the installation and services.