Patio folding doors with wooden frame opens up living area

If you were to do a quick Google search on how to install folding doors, you would find a multitude of DIY articles and video tutorials on the subject which may lead one to believe that one can easily complete this task by just following a few simple instructions. However, bifold door installation is a highly specialized skill that requires many hours of additional training, even for otherwise experienced contractors.

Glass bifold doors can come in many different configurations such as cornered, cornerless, and curved; can slide in several different directions; utilize a variety of complex sliding, locking, and hinging mechanisms and hardware; and may even integrate other components such as swinging French doors or doggie doors. Additionally, not all homes are structurally prepped for the installation of a large-span bifold door, and especially in earthquake-prone California where buildings shift and settle over time, there is never a guarantee that your bifold door will fit neatly into your opening space.

By allowing a professional contractor with sufficient bifold door installation training to fit your patio folding doors, you can ensure that your doors will be perfectly plumb, square and level, operating smoothly on its tracks. Additionally, professional installation will give you peace of mind that the energy efficiency and security of your glass bifold doors is maximized according to manufacturer design.

When choosing a provider for your patio folding doors, we highly recommend opting for a company that is able to partner with you through the entire process from design to installation and after-sales services. This ensures you not only have continuity of service for your project, but also usually means some savings as installation and service costs are often folded into the door price. The Folding Door Store is a great choice, where we train and employ our own professional contractors in-house, enabling us to not only guarantee our products, but also our installation and services. Call us today, and don’t make the mistake of compromising the building structure of your home, your family’s security, or energy bills!

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