Patio Door Installation

Whether you are building your dream home, remodeling your storefront, or needing patio door replacement, there are a variety of items you will need to consider in order to ensure effective planning, smooth execution, and most importantly, results you will love. In the section below, we outline some of these considerations for you to begin your planning process for a successful folding patio door project! 

Patio Door Replacement

Do your existing glass folding doors have a broken seal or leak? Maybe it is cumbersome and difficult to use, or simply old and outdated. Or you may just want to replace or upgrade your existing sliding doors with some folding glass doors. We are here to help!

Remodeling Your Property

Remodeling your entire home, a single room, storefront, or office? Consider folding patio doors for your project. Folding glass doors provide a fantastic indoor/outdoor lifestyle for your patio area or an inviting and stylish storefront to spruce up your environment!

Ground Up Construction

If you are building from scratch, talk to your contractor about including folding patio doors into your project! Our in-house contractors are specialized in folding door installation and will work closely with your contractor to ensure you get exactly what you want!

steps to begin the process.............


Start by determining your desired outcome. The following are some ideas to get you started 

Style: Browse through pictures –  we have a plethora of photos throughout The Folding Door Store website and especially in the photo gallery section, showcasing the largest variety of folding glass patio doors in the region. Pick out and save the styles that you like, remembering to also match the style of the room that the door will be installed into. 

Functionality: What will the door be used for? Think about how much of the outdoor view you want to capture, the lifestyle you are looking for, how much foot traffic is expected through the doors (think garden parties and barbecues, or customers for a storefront), who will utilize the doorway (children, seniors, wheelchair access), as well as weather considerations.  

Glass folding doors as well as other patio doors are an investment, so strategic budgeting is important. Make sure you prioritize the options and details that are most important to you, and don’t forget to check with your utilities company about any rebates and incentives that you might be eligible for when installing energy efficient windows and doors. If you are using credit for an energy efficient project, you may also look into the HUD Energy Loan. 

It is always a good idea to leave a small (up to 10%) cushion in your budget to allow for the possibility of revisions or additions that you may want to include after the project is underway. Of course, the better you plan in advance, the lesser the chance of unexpected costs down the line. Our consultants are trained to help you budget out a concrete and effective plan with a clear understanding of all your requests from the get-go and will help you find ways to save where possible.

Finally, if you have existing windows and doors that you are replacing, you may want to look into donating these for a tax deduction.


Once you have determined your objectives and estimated an overall budget, you will be ready to start looking at specific products based on these determinations. Visit our showroom to see the products in person and compare them side by side!

Door type: Depending on your choice of style and functionality, you may decide to go with folding doors, sliding doors, or French doors, with additional options of cornerless, curved, and pocketed configurations. You can learn more about the pros and cons of each of these doors here.

Door size: This will depend largely on the size of your wall, as well as on your preference for where exactly you want your door to go, and how much you want to open up your space. The Folding Door Store customizes each door to fit your exact specifications.

Door material: When considering the material for your patio doors, you will want to consider not only style, but maintenance requirements for each type as well. Our inspiration page provides a description of some primary differences in aesthetics and maintenance between the three most popular materials which are wood, aluminum, and vinyl, along with a complete list of materials available. 

Door color and finish: The Folding Door Store provides a full range of colors, finishes, and wood types. Check our inspiration page for details. 

Screen doors and shades: Environmental considerations such as weather and climate will help determine your need for retractable screens, and help protect you and your home from bugs, rain and sunlight. You may also want to include shadesfor additional privacy. Our retractable screens and shades by Centor are our most popular line and work perfectly with all types of doors.

Details and options: These can include different types of locks and security systems, hinges, thresholds, and tracks as described on our inspiration page. You can determine your need for these based on your functionality objectives considered at the beginning of your planning process.


Depending on the scope of your project, the installation process can range from as simple as fitting the door and tracks into an existing opening, to a full-blown construction project that involves partial demolition of walls and electrical work.

Folding door installation in particular is a highly specialized skill, and we are one of the best in the industry, as well as being a provider of certified installation training for other entities. While most folding patio door dealers need to outsource the installation of their products, we employ our own expert in-house contractor to ensure seamless service from beginning to end.  

At The Folding Door Store, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and customized in-house services from initial consultation and design through to installation and any post-install services as necessary, and of course the largest selection of quality folding glass patio doors in the region. 

Our expert and thorough consultation services guide you through the initial steps, followed by customized design of your door product according to specifications. Having an in-house contractor who performs the installation also means that the quality of both product and installation are under our control as well as under warranty. Additionally, if there are ever any issues that arise after installation, we are able to provide you with post-install services, along with any advice or guidance for maintenance.

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