Pasadena, with its rich cultural history, diverse shopping and dining options, and surrounded by spectacular mountainous terrain is an ideal place to live, work, and play. For property owners in this area, it may be well worth considering custom folding doors for your home or business to open up your interior space to the outdoors and reap the full benefits of all that Pasadena has to offer. Create a welcoming store-front with functional vinyl patio doors, provide easy access to your restaurant patio with exterior aluminum doors, or create the perfect inside-outside living and entertainment area in your home with spectacular bi fold glass patio doors! The Folding Door Store services your area with the widest range of quality bifold exterior glass doors in the region.

No matter which type of exterior patio doors you are looking to install, the question of frame material will need to be addressed. The three most popular choices are aluminum, vinyl, and wood folding doors. Below are some of the pros and cons of each material for exterior patio doors to help you make your decision:

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Exterior aluminum doors: Aluminum frame doors are hard to beat in versatility, durability, and energy efficiency. They are known to withstand the harshest of climates, even with extreme weather and temperature fluctuations, and can keep your home or business warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are also extremely low-maintenance and can come in a large variety of colors and finishes to match the look you want at reasonable price points.

Vinyl patio doors: The most affordable of the three main materials for door frames, vinyl doors come with the same extensive range of colors and finishes as the aluminum, and also offer excellent thermal performance. Having come a long way in technological advancements, our vinyl frames are just as stylish as most aluminum frames, and also resistant to peeling, flaking, rotting and corroding. The only down-side is potential for cracks in the vinyl when exposed to severe temperature fluctuations.

Wood folding doors: Though not quite as versatile as the other two door materials, wooden frames make up for this in natural beauty. Available in a multitude of tree species with a variety of finishing options, wooden doors can provide a gorgeous rustic flare to your interior. Since the material is 100% natural, there is some regular maintenance work that is required, but they do have the advantage of easy repairs for any small scratches and nicks.

Professional folding door installation is always crucial, and at The Folding Door Store, we are a leading authority on the installation of all kinds of bi fold glass patio doors with an extensive background in the construction industry and our own team of in-house installation contractors. By providing all of the services under one roof, we not only guarantee your new custom folding doors as a product, but also the installation and services.