Palos Verdes Peninsula

Comprising the affluent cities of Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and Rolling Hills Estates, the Palos Verdes Peninsula’s spectacular hills and coastlines, along with a year-round Mediterranean climate are perfect for inside-outside living. Why not take full advantage and open up your home to the dramatic ocean and city views, the Pacific breeze, and Southern California sun with folding door wall systemsthat can span the entire length of your wall! The Folding Door Store services your area with the largest variety of quality bi fold patio doors from the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry, so call us to enjoy your beautiful surroundings to the fullest!

While all bi fold glass patio doors will make a spectacular statement for your Palos Verdes Peninsula home by providing stunning views and the much-desired indoor-outdoor lifestyle, there’s nothing quite like our cornered folding glass doors for patio for a truly striking impact! As the name suggests, these impressive folding door wall systems will open up and entire corner of your home and can extend as wide as the entire lengths of two walls, as long as the structural capacity of your building allows. These bi fold glass patio doors come in two options, one with a fixed post in the corner, and one without.

When the folding patio door is installed without a corner post, they are known as “cornerless” folding doors. Other names they have been given include “floating corner”, “open corner”, or “frameless corner” folding doors. Without even a single post on the corner to obstruct your view or get in your way, these door systems will expand your room and patio into one all-inclusive space that is perfect for entertaining, opening up a dark corner, and simply enjoying the beauties of nature. For the few rainy days, or times when you just would rather not open up the entire door system, we can even configure in a single panel opening, much like a French door, for easy access.

If you are considering cornerless folding glass patio doors for your home, keep in mind that this is an undertaking that requires professional building evaluation by an architect or structural engineer to make sure your home is structurally viable. If it is not, there may be structural work that can be conducted to make it viable, or you may opt to keep the post in the corner, or a little further inside the building.

The security of your folding glass patio doors, whether it is cornered or not, is highly contingent on professional installation by a certified technician, making The Folding Door Store the ideal retailer for you! At The Folding Door Store, we are a leading authority on the installation of all kinds of folding glass doors for patio with an extensive background in the construction industry and our own team of in-house installation contractors. By providing all of the services under one roof, we not only guarantee your new bi fold patio door as a product, but also the installation and services. Contact us for your next bi fold patio doors project and have peace of mind with our professional bifold door installation services!