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Exterior Folding Doors

See A New Space Unfold.

Folding doors are a beautiful way to make Mother Nature feel welcome. Add a screen, or a shade if you’d like, and open your home or business to new possibilities. Whether you call them bi-fold doors, a folding glass wall, or accordion doors, we have a selection that can help you transform the way you live.

The outdoors become part of your home when The Folding Door Store installs new sliding glass doors in your home.

Balance, Inside and Out.

No two homes are exactly alike. Our team of experts will work with you to make your vision a reality by customizing a plan that suits your living space.

We serve most of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura County.

Make Your Living Space Bigger.

Whether it’s your house, a storefront, or even an event venue, folding doors are an aesthetically pleasing way to open any space to the world outside. When open, the space they create for your gathering, party or business is as big as you can make it. While they come in many sizes, folding doors that occupy the entire height and width of a wall create a truly stunning effect and limitless possibilities.

Make Nature a Welcome Guest.

When you open any environment to the beauty of the natural world, you create a very inviting space for friends, family and customers alike. Fresh air, cool breezes, natural light and warmth can all be part of your home or business anytime you’d like. You can also add in a screen or shade to keep harsh sunlight or insects under control, no matter the season.

Affordable Variety and Quality.

Unlike other places, we work with manufacturers to form partnerships that benefit our customers. By working directly with manufacturers, we eliminate any third-party involvement. This ensures quality installation, service, selection and savings. We realize that folding doors are an investment, so quality and expertise are crucial to getting a beautiful door that will stand the test of time.
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Woman opening patio door by dining room


Folding doors are a beautiful way to change the very nature of your home. Whether you’re renovating or building from the ground up, the experts at The Folding Door Store can help make sure your doors are designed and installed to suit your living space. Great views are meant to be lived in, right? Let us help you find the folding door solution that brings balance and tranquility to your home.

If you’re a homeowner, architect, contractor, renovator, or remodeler, give us a call at 949-242-9710.

An indoor pool next to a wall of open folding doors from The Folding Door Store.


Folding doors are a great way to bring more life to your business. They make restaurant dining areas bigger and more inviting. Make clubhouses the natural place to spend time. Turn storefronts into friendlier, more welcoming places to shop. Elevate event spaces into unforgettable venues to have fun. Our wide selection, professional installation and maintenance, as well as our years of experience make The Folding Door Store the perfect place to find the door you need.

If you’re a business owner, architect, contractor, renovator, or remodeler, give us a call at 949-242-9710.

Transformation Requires Expertise

Knowledge and Expertise

Our certified team of in-house engineers and consultants guide you through the initial steps, and work with you to customize the design and placement of your door or windows.

One-Stop Shop

We’re dedicated to becoming the one-stop shop for custom patio doors, specializing in custom folding doors. Our expert team is here to help you explore our wide selection of doors and windows to find what’s right for your home.

On Schedule

The Folding Door Store has built a reputation for finishing projects on schedule. We’ll never rush a project, because we want it done right. However, we understand that your time and space are valuable, and we treat them that way.

Professional Installation

Our installations are performed by our own specialized contractors, who are so skilled that they’re continuously sought out to train other builders and contractors.

Your house can expand by having folding patio doors for easy outdoor access by The Folding Door Store.

This Is Where Change Begins

Turning a dream into a reality means looking at the big picture. Getting the results you want for your home or business requires expert planning, installation and follow-up. Learn more about how the professionals at The Folding Door Store can bring the outside in.

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At The Folding Door Store, we never take our customers’ business for granted. When our clients refer us to their friends, neighbors or businesses, we have a variety of rewarding ways to say, “Thank you.” If you’re a former client, and you’ve sent new business our way, give us a call.

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The Key Difference

We carefully curate our selection of doors and windows, all of which create wide-open spaces with style, precision and engineered design. We carry the best products and have the technical expertise to transform your living space.

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