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Custom Entry Doors

Open To Your Sense of Style.

Your home is an expression of your personality. So make a bold statement right up front. A custom entry door from the Folding Door Store is the perfect way to make your home even more beautiful and inviting. Our selection runs the gamut from traditional to modern, and makes the welcome your family and guests receive truly unique.

Custom wooden entry doors installed at a home and made by The Folding Door Store experts.

A Memorable Welcome

No two homes are exactly alike. Our team of experts will work with you to make your vision a reality by customizing a plan that suits your living space.

We serve most of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura County.

Make Your Home More Distinctive.

No matter the size, shape or style you have in mind, our craftsmen have the skills to bring your vision to life. Designed, built and installed to your specifications, a custom entry door is one more way to make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Giving all who visit a preview of what’s inside.

Draw Attention to Your Business.

Storefronts and offices can often blend into the surrounding buildings. But a custom entry door from The Folding Door Store can grab a customer’s attention as well as any sign or billboard. It’s an easy, permanent way to express your brand before clients and customers even step into your business.

Custom Entry Doors.

You may have been dreaming about having a custom entry door for some time now, or you’re just starting to picture how great it would be to have a beautiful welcome every time you come home. The Folding Door Store has the widest selection of styles in LA, Orange County and San Diego. Single and double doors that match your style, structural requirements, and budget.

Entry Door Materials.

No matter what material you envision for your custom entry door, the experts at The Folding Door Store can create a door that’s both durable and artistic.
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A glass entry door from The Folding Door Store opening into a foyer.

Glass Entry Doors

Whether it’s the entire door, or combined with other materials, glass is a fantastic way to make a clear statement. Durable, beautiful and energy efficient. Let the craftsmen at The Folding Door Store show you just how stunning a glass entry door can be.

Potted plants and a pumpkin placed next to a wood entry door from The Folding Door Store.

Wood Entry Doors

Wood is a natural, durable choice that can encompass a variety of styles. Our sturdy wooden doors come in variety of species, and can be styled to reflect everything from a rustic cottage-style look, a classic design, a modern sensibility and much more.

A black steel entry door from The Folding Door Store in Southern California.

Steel Entry Doors

The clean, sleek look of steel makes a striking entry door. Durable and temperature resistant, steel is a great material for creating custom designs. Our variety of colors and finishes make steel doors blend in—or stand out—in any living space.

Inside a home with a fiberglass entry door from The Folding Door Store in Southern California.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Versatility, durability, and energy efficiency. Not only does fiberglass make sense, it’s the perfect material for making custom entry doors. Lightweight and easy to work with, fiberglass can take on the appearance of other materials beautifully.

Transformation Requires Expertise

Knowledge and Expertise

Our certified team of in-house engineers and consultants guide you through the initial steps, and work with you to customize the design and placement of your door or windows.

One-Stop Shop

We’re dedicated to becoming the one-stop shop for custom patio doors, specializing in custom folding doors. Our expert team is here to help you explore our wide selection of doors and windows to find what’s right for your home.

On Schedule

The Folding Door Store has built a reputation for finishing projects on schedule. We’ll never rush a project, because we want it done right. However, we understand that your time and space are valuable, and we treat them that way.

Professional Installation

Our installations are performed by our own specialized contractors, who are so skilled that they’re continuously sought out to train other builders and contractors.

Your house can expand by having folding patio doors for easy outdoor access by The Folding Door Store.

This Is Where Change Begins

Turning a dream into a reality means looking at the big picture. Getting the results you want for your home or business requires expert planning, installation and follow-up. Learn more about how the professionals at The Folding Door Store can bring the outside in.

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At The Folding Door Store, we never take our customers’ business for granted. When our clients refer us to their friends, neighbors or businesses, we have a variety of rewarding ways to say, “Thank you.” If you’re a former client, and you’ve sent new business our way, give us a call.

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The Key Difference

We carefully curate our selection of doors and windows, all of which create wide-open spaces with style, precision and engineered design. We carry the best products and have the technical expertise to transform your living space.

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