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Invite Mother Nature In, Anytime.

When you open your home to the beauty of the world outside, the very nature of your living space changes. At The Folding Door Store, we hand-select the industry’s top-rated products and curate for quality and style. This is where you’ll find the perfect doors or windows to invite the outside in — whenever you so desire.

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Transformation Requires Expertise

Knowledge and Expertise

Our certified team of in-house engineers and consultants guide you through the initial steps, and work with you to customize the design and placement of your door or windows.

One-Stop Shop

We’re dedicated to becoming the one-stop shop for custom patio doors, specializing in custom folding doors. Our expert team is here to help you explore our wide selection of doors and windows to find what’s right for your home.

On Schedule

The Folding Door Store has built a reputation for finishing projects on schedule. We’ll never rush a project, because we want it done right. However, we understand that your time and space are valuable, and we treat them that way.

Professional Installation

Our installations are performed by our own specialized contractors, who are so skilled that they’re continuously sought out to train other builders and contractors.

Your house can expand by having folding patio doors for easy outdoor access by The Folding Door Store.

This Is Where Change Begins

Turning a dream into a reality means looking at the big picture. Getting the results you want for your home or business requires expert planning, installation and follow-up. Learn more about how the professionals at The Folding Door Store can bring the outside in.

Plan Your Project

Maintenance Program

The best way to keep your doors in top condition — and to help avoid costly repairs — is to make sure they get the regular maintenance they need. The Folding Door Store offers an affordable service program that covers 2 visits per year to ensure that your doors are working perfectly. It also includes discounts on repairs. Learn more about how our service plans can make it easier and more affordable to protect your doors.

About the Maintenance Program

The Key Difference

We carefully curate our selection of doors and windows, all of which create wide-open spaces with style, precision and engineered design. We carry the best products and have the technical expertise to transform your living space.

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