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Integrated folding door systems are an innovative creation by Centor, one of The Folding Door Store’s trusted manufacturer partners. These door systems have garnered much interest within the design and building industries, being honored with several awards including the Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award in 2015 and the Gold Award at the German Design Awards in 2017. So, what exactly are they, and what is the fuss all about?

To start, we need to look at wide-spanning folding door wall systems in general. These spectacular doors offer indoor-outdoor living at its finest with uninterrupted views, lots of natural light, fresh air, and easy access in and out. But what if you want to filter out the sun for an afternoon nap, or want to enjoy the fresh breeze at dusk without allowing the inside of your home to become an insect haven? Finding the perfect-fit retractable screens and shades for such a large opening could be quite an endeavor within itself, requiring you to consider not only matches in size and configuration, but also style and aesthetics, not to mention the additional time and cost that goes into such a project.

The integrated folding door systems are a creative solution to this problem, combining the bifold door, screen door, shades, and hardware into a single seamless system. The built-in retractable screens and light-filtering or blackout shades ingeniously disappear into the doorframe when not in use, with discreet hinges and hidden hardware that also remain out of sight when the panels are closed. Since it is built as a single system, all parts synergize perfectly in design, functionality, and style.

Centor offers these integrated folding door wall systems in many configurations for openings up to 30+ feet wide, with the screen door available in two mesh types that protect from even the smallest of bugs, and a choice of either retractable light-filtering or blackout shades.

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