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Insect Protection for Your Home

Your exterior folding doors are your gateway between the great outdoors and your living room. Simply push them open, and there’s nothing between you and that gorgeous view of the city lights or your beautiful garden. Or how about the sheer enjoyment of a cool evening breeze on a perfect summer night, washing away the heat and stale air inside your home? There’s only one problem with an open door; not only is it open to you and your family, it’s also open to any passing insect and her “family.” Nothing can spoil the pleasure of the outdoors faster than the sudden buzz and hum of a bee or mosquito, or the unpleasant sight of a beetle scurrying across your door’s threshold and right into your living room. If you’ve been keeping your exterior folding doors closed because you’re worried about insect invaders, fear no more. Now there’s a solution that allows you to keep bugs where they belong – outside – while still letting you savor that lovely view or perfect breeze. And it doesn’t matter if you have an exceptionally wide doorway; as long as it’s 24 feet or less, we have your problem solved.

The answer is a Centor Eco-Screen. The world’s first horizontally retractable screen for doors as wide as 24 feet, the Centor S1E Eco-Screen slides right into the doorframe when not in use. It’s perfectly balanced, so you literally can open it with just the tip of your finger; no more struggles with a sticky or balky screen door. And there’s a configuration to suit your home: single, with one panel that slides from left to right, or double, with two panels that open from the middle. Either way, you’ll enjoy an unobtrusive screen that blocks just the pests – not your view, not the breeze, not the convenience of an easy-entry door to your home’s exterior. Plus, the screen’s tough PVC-coated polyester mesh stands up to weather, pets, and even hard-playing kids.

So whether you need a screen that works perfectly with a folding patio door, or are looking for a way to exclude insect pests from entering through a more traditional sliding glass door, we have your answer. Give The Folding Door Store a call today, and one of our expert installers will be glad to help you choose the right screen for your needs.

Partially open screen door with view into kitchen and dining area

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