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How Safe Are Wide-Span Glass Folding Doors

Are large bi-fold glass doors really safe? Somehow, it seems like all that glass with all those panels have to pose some security risks, right? The purpose of this article is to debunk that outdated myth. Technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first sliding glass doors over a hundred years ago, and most wide-span patio doors today are just as secure, and in the case of glass folding doors, often more secure than your regular door.

Firstly, bi-fold glass doors come fitted with strong glass panes that prevent intruders from breaking the glass and they are usually also reinforced with shatter-proof double-glazing for extra protection. Also, most large-expanse glass folding doors come with a multi-point locking system, which makes them more secure than most doors that only have one or two locks. This means that an intruder would need to physically lift the door panel out of the frame requiring specialized tools and extensive professional knowledge of the mechanisms of bifold doors.  In other words, it would be much easier to try breaking in through a regular front door. Since folding door installation is a highly specialized skill, proper and professional installation by certified technicians such as our in-house contractors at The Folding Door Store is extremely important, as poorly installed bifold doors result in compromised safety. 

In addition to these standard security features for most folding patio doors, there are also optional security measures you can take such as installing door alarms, security screens, and additional drop-bolt or deadbolt locks. So, if security concerns have kept you on the fence about folding door installation for your home or business, hesitate no more and keep your family safe with folding patio doors!

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