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Plan Your Project

Dreams Require Planning.

The best dreams are the ones that go smoothly. Maybe you’re building the perfect home. Or you want to draw more customers to your business. Could be that you decided that your renovation project could use an upgrade. Whatever the case, we want you to be happy. That’s why we’ve outlined some things for you to consider as you begin to plan your project. And our team of experienced professionals are always here to help you along the way.

#1 Objective

Having an idea as to what you want, and what purpose your door will serve, is a good place to start.


You may already have a vision, or you could be looking for some inspiration. The perfect place to find what you need is our Photo Gallery. This is where you’ll find some beautiful pictures of the products we offer and the largest selection of folding glass patio doors in the region. Finding and saving the images that best match your home or business is a great way to start.


Doors do more than look amazing. Ask yourself how you want this door to affect your lifestyle. What kind of foot traffic can you expect? Will there be a lot of people going in and out during parties or barbecues? Will this door be for a business with customers or products coming and going? Do there need to be special accommodations like wheelchair access? How will the weather affect this door? What kind of view do you want? These are the kinds of things to consider as you begin your project.

#2 Budget

You may be keeping an eye on every penny, or you might have a money tree in the back yard. Either way, there are things to watch out for, and ways to save.

Energy Loans and Incentives.

There’s no question that glass folding doors, as well as other kinds of patio doors, are an investment. So if there are easy ways to save money, it makes sense to do it. We offer a wide selection of energy-efficient doors and windows, and there are a lot of utility companies that offer rebates and incentives for installing them. Be sure to contact your utility company to see what they offer, and if you’re using credit for an energy-efficient project, look into a HUD Energy Loan.

Tax Deductions.

If you’re replacing windows and doors, look into donating them for a tax deduction.

Unexpected Costs.

No matter what your budget, it’s always wise to leave some cushion in there for things you don’t expect, or things you may want to change. We recommend up to 10%. The more solid your plan, the less chance that you’ll encounter unexpected costs. The Folding Door Store’s team of consultants are ready to help you set a budget, refine your plan, and even find ways to save you money. So you get the results you want.
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#3 Product

Once you know what you want, and what you want to spend, it’s time to figure out some of the specifics.

Door Type.

Determining what kind of door works for you is a matter of functionality and your sense of style. We offer folding doors, sliding doors, French doors and more. Options like curved, cornerless and pocketed configurations are available on many of the types of doors you’ll find here.

Door Material.

When you’re dreaming about a new door or window, the material it’s made of probably isn’t the first thing you think about. But in addition to style, it’s good to consider things like maintenance as well. While wood, aluminum and vinyl are the most popular, you’ll find a list of all available materials—and the aesthetic and maintenance differences between them—on our Inspiration Page.

Screen Doors and Shades.

Retractable screens and shades are a great way to ensure that nature’s a welcome guest, rather than one that overstays their welcome. Not only do they help control things like bugs, rain and sunlight, but they’re a stylish way to maintain your privacy when you want it.

Retractable screens and shades by Centor are some of our most popular, and work perfectly with all types of doors.

Door Size.

How much do you want to open up your space? How big is the wall and where exactly do you want it to go? There are definitely some considerations to take into account, but the experts at The Folding Door Store can customize a door to fit your needs.

Door Color and Finish.

The Folding Door Store offers a wide selection of colors, finishes and materials—in an even wider range of combinations. See for yourself on our inspiration page.

Details and Options.

The details can make all the difference. Locks, hinges, thresholds, security systems and tracks are critical components of how your door operates, looks, and keeps you safe. It’s a good idea to determine your needs as you plan, so take a look at our inspiration page to learn more.

#4 Installation

If you haven’t given much thought to installation, you’re not alone. It’s not something most people think about. But we definitely do. Proper, professional installation will save you headaches—and money—down the road.

From Imagination to Installation.

Installation can be as simple as replacing a door in an existing space, or be part of a construction project from the ground up. Simple or complicated, you want it done right. A few months after installation is complete, The Folding Door Store will come back to make sure the door is working properly and to make any necessary adjustments.

Building Permits.

The Folding Door Store will handle the submission and approval process with the city, and ensure that all HOA approvals are complete. Our team of experts take care of all architectural drawings for submittal to make your dream remodel as seamless as possible.

Certified Installation.

If a folding door isn’t installed properly, it can lead to all kinds of problems. It’s a specialized skill, and we have the best in the business on our team. Our experts are so good that they train other companies for their certification. Other folding door dealers outsource their installation, but we use our own team of experts to ensure seamless service from beginning to end.

Minimal Disruption.

We understand the importance of your home or business, so we strive to make the construction process as hassle-free as possible. At the end of each workday, we seal the site with plywood to keep the area secure.

The Key Difference

We carefully curate our selection of doors and windows, all of which create wide-open spaces with style, precision and engineered design. We carry the best products and have the technical expertise to transform your living space.

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