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Even dreams come with questions. Explore the FAQ below to find the answers you need.

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Yes. our primary product is doors, but we do offer windows to customers that are also purchasing doors.

No, we specialize in exterior doors only, unless the property is commercial (e.g., malls or hotels).

Due to the wide variety of folding door styles, materials and prices, we first invite you to visit our showroom before we give you a quote. We will be happy to help you select the folding door that will best fit your home and budget.

If possible, snap a photo of your opening from indoor and outdoor views of where the new folding door will be installed. Plus, provide a rough estimate of the dimensions.

No, The Folding Door Store works with a team of engineers to handle all structural changes during your project.

Once the order has been placed, the new door will take 4–12 weeks to build (depending on the manufacturer), 1–2 weeks to install, and 1–5 days for the finishing work.

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  • Visits outside of these hours are available by appointment only

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