If you are looking to add a unique and beautiful touch to your home, work, or social environment, a French door is a great option to make a statement and add some dramatic flare. You may consider installing French patio doors to a home backyard entrance, storefront, business, or clubhouse entrance, and whether you prefer a traditional style, a more rustic feel, or a modern and stylish look, The Folding Door Store has the perfect solution for you!




French doors are usually double doors on hinges that swing in or out and are fitted with glass panes for most of its length, allowing for natural light and a visual connection with the outdoors or the next room while still providing some privacy. French doors with screens are a good idea if you want the option of extra natural ventilation without allowing access for pests, and you can also add attachments like blinds and covers or curtains for those occasions when you need extra privacy.

Good Investment

Not only do patio French doors beautify your environment and add functionality, they also add value. Whether you are planning for your long-term home, working on a fix-and-flip, renovating your storefront, or anything in between, installing double French doors makes for a great investment. Talk to one of our door specialists and see how French patio doors could enhance your lifestyle and even increase the sale value of your property.

Energy Efficient

Exterior French doors are an energy-efficient choice as they allow for more natural light and ventilation while providing enough insulation to keep your indoor environment cool during the summer and warm in the winter. French doors with screens may also be considered if you would like the extra shade or ventilation while keeping pests out. Most of our patio French doors come fitted with thermal performance glass to keep you comfortable indoors during the severe weather months. Rest assured that your energy bills will be kept down as you enjoy the benefits of this beautiful new addition to your environment!

french doors security

Security is an important aspect of installing French patio doors and there have been significant improvements in this area over the years through new technologies such as the multipoint locking system. The types and sizes of locks and hinges that are used, as well as installation techniques are key to ensuring the security of your French door. At The Folding Door Store, we are equipped with the best parts and equipment, and have in-house contractors to professionally install your doors for optimum security and peace of mind. The addition of security bars is also an option to further secure your doors.

French Doors vs. Sliding Doors or Folding Doors

Trying to decide which type of door is the best fit for your needs? Below are some specifics of the three types of doors to help you to make the best decision.

Style | The type of door you choose may depend largely upon where you are installing your new doors. Exterior folding doors and our lift and slide doors or multi slide patio doors are great for larger homes with modern architecture, especially those located in view of pleasant outdoor landscapes. Businesses with larger storefronts such as retail stores or restaurants with patio areas are some other examples where folding glass patio doors or the specialty lift and slide/multi slide doors may be a perfect fit.   

Between glass French doors and the regular sliding glass door, the decision is more based on style than size since they both typically come with two panels. Sliding patio doors tend to better suit modern style environments, whereas the traditional exterior French patio doors can enhance both modern and rustic style buildings from an ultra-modern office building to a quaint little book store or café, and everything in between

Space | The exterior French door is a double door on hinges that can swing in or out (inswing or outswing French Doors), depending on spacial considerations. That is, one would need to consider the obstructions and amount of floor space available within the radius of the swinging door to ensure its ability to open fully in the direction that the doors swing. If space is limited, you may want to consider sliding patio doors where the panels glide in alignment with the wall on tracks fitted to the floor and ceiling.  These doors generally come in two or three panels, however, can have multiple panels with the multi-slide patio doors, and extra-large panels with the lift and slide models that we offer, giving you an expanded visual connection with the outdoors. 

Exterior folding doors also take up less floor space than exterior French patio doors and can range from two to multiple panels that may extend up to the entire length of your wall. The panels fold over themselves in accordion-style, guided on a track system as with the sliding glass door, but without requiring additional tracks for each panel. Since the panels will fold over perpendicularly to the wall, the width of a panel centered from the track will need to be cleared in order for the door to operate.

Energy Efficiency | All three types of doors can be fitted with thermal performance glass for better insulation. The exterior French door is more energy efficient than a regular sliding patio door due to its hinged style, which provides a tighter seal, however our lift and slide doors have options for additional panes for insulation due to the amount of weight they are able to carry and provide the tightest seal of all. Likewise, our folding glass doors generally come fitted with at least double, if not triple-paned glass in order to save energy due to the large area of glass that they usually have and are often the most energy efficient of them all

Security | Security for all three door types have improved greatly over the years with new technologies that have enhanced the strength of the glass, advanced locking systems, and added optional attachments for further security. You can rest assured knowing that most glass doors are now just as secure as regular doors, and our folding glass doors are considered to be even more secure than a regular door as long as they are installed properly by experienced professionals. That is why we consider it so important to employ our own trusted in-house contractors to install your patio doors and maintain quality control every step of the way!

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