sample of how a folding patio door can be installed into smaller homes

Folding Patio Doors for All Budgets

There’s a common misconception that bifold doors are only for the mega-rich with properties that overlook unobstructed ocean views and panoramic city-scapes. While folding patio doors within these contexts are certainly breathtaking, these aren’t the only purposes for wide-span patio doors. In fact, a large majority of bifold doors are installed into middle-income homes.

Picture your living and dining area opening up to your backyard playground where your children play: you could take care of household chores or savor a cup of coffee while keeping your eyes and ears on their activities. How about enjoying the breeze as you work in your indoor-yet-outdoor home office during the pleasant-weather months.  And folding doors are a game changer for backyard barbecues with friends, giving you easy access in and out of the kitchen so you can fully participate in all the fun while you keep an eye on that dessert pie in the oven, not to mention expanding your socializing area into one large open space!

It’s true that folding patio doors are an investment; however, you will be surprised to find that they are much more affordable than most people imagine! There are a large range of folding patio door products on the market with varying price points, including many budget-friendly yet high-quality products. Obviously, factors such as the size, frame material, glass type and thickness, and other optional extras will affect the final cost as well. And there are ways to save include looking into any rebates and incentives regarding energy-efficient products with your utilities company and donating your existing doors for a tax deduction.

Finally, look for a reliable dealer like The Folding Door Store that has direct partnerships with the manufacturers and do all of their own installations. Costs can be kept to a minimum by cutting out the “middle man”.   And remember that there is a world of difference between “affordable” and just plain “cheap”, so working with a reputable company is key to ensuring that there are no compromises on the quality of your product, customer service, or installation!

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