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Don’t Get Slammed By Your Folding Doors

Slam! If you have a house that includes doors (in other words, if you live in any type of home that isn’t a cave), you’ve had a door slam at one time or another. If you have kids, slamming doors and running feet might even be a normal part of your everyday life. But the slam of a door goes beyond the ear-jarring sound. It can also damage the door, the door’s frame, or even the nearby wall. And if a door slams shut on a child’s small hand or foot, or catches your dog’s tail on her way outside… well then, a slamming door can spell catastrophe.

Unlike traditional doors, however, folding doors do not open and close in a swinging arc. Instead, as the name suggests, they fold to one – or both – sides of the doorframe, leaving the doorway open to the great outdoors. This means there is less chance of a folding door slamming shut unexpectedly, but it is not an impossibility. Most often, if your folding doors close unintentionally, it’s because of gusty winds.

Like any door, folding doors left unrestrained are susceptible to sudden gusts of wind, especially if the wind is coming along the same direction as the door’s track. And as with any type of door, a hard enough slam might damage the door or its frame.

To avoid the danger, always latch your folding doors securely in the open position, even if there’s no wind in the forecast. If strong wind is expected, close and lock the doors to prevent possible damage. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the great outdoors, even if uncooperative weather means you need to keep your doors shut. That’s the beauty of folding patio doors – they remove the visual boundaries between your home’s interior and the gorgeous views outside your windows.

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