“When you connect to the beautiful world outside, you live better, every day.” 

Centor products are designed for supreme quality without compromise, considering every detail a homeowner might desire for the optimal indoor-outdoor living or work space.

sliding screen door replacement

Offering the world’s finest retractable screen doors that can fit any door, and award-winning integrated folding door systems featuring a vanishing retractable screen and/or shade that disappears into the doorframe.

From the groundbreaking AutoLatch™ to fingertip operation and quality-focused joiners, fabricators, and OEMs, Centor hardware systems are designed with you in mind!

folding door hardware
detail of folding door hardware and hinges

A Family Business Since 1951

Founded by German engineer Frank Spork, one family’s love and passion for the great outdoors has helped to create a company deserving of its title as an industry world leader.

Industry Achievements

As a recipient of numerous industry awards, Centor Doors is a truly innovative company that has designed and manufactured many industry firsts including the world’s first bifold exterior glass doors, the first retractable screen for large door openings with fingertip operation, and the award-winning integrated bi fold patio door, the world’s first patio door with concealed hardware and built-in retractable screens and shades.

no compromises

Centor Quality

Made to Order

Centor bi folding doors are individually custom-designed and manufactured based on your specific needs and preferences, including size, color, material, and finish options.

Enduring Performance

All Centor products have gone through a rigorous testing process including collision and cycle testing to ensure they continue to perform optimally through time.

Fingertip Operation

After thousands of hours of research and development, Centor brings you its patented technology that ensures that retractable screens glide smoothly with easy-to-use fingertip operation.

Reliable Quality

Centor Doors prides itself on its engineering excellence, ensuring that your new doors and windows will provide protection from the elements and operate smoothly for many years to come.

Open Clear Vistas

Hardware for Centor folding doors are cleverly concealed to removes unwanted visual distractions, so you can enjoy unobstructed views even through closed doors.

Thermally Efficient

All Centor bi folding doors are proven through industry-standard weather and thermal tests to withstand climate conditions ranging from the beating sun to snowy winters.


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