Centor’s screen door solutions are truly revolutionary. Whether it’s for sliding doors, folding doors, or French doors, Centor’s retractable screens and shades can be integrated with new or existing doors and windows to connect your interior space with the outdoors while shielding you from the sun and keeping insects out. These integrations are perfect for enjoying the indoor-outdoor lifestyle while still giving you the protection you need.

screen doors and shades

Centor’s shades and retractable screens disappear inside the system’s frame for a clean look. Centor screens are made from quality material that will last for years to come, and its load-balanced stile does not rely on hand-braking, rather the horizontal system is able to be drawn across from any height on the stile. When open, doors remain in position without snapping shut to allow for ease of use. 


Made out of durable mesh without lines or pleats for unobstructed views, Centor’s screen door also allows for increased ventilation which will save you a bundle on air conditioning costs. 


Centor’s light filtering shades are made from fabric that provides protection from the intensity of the sun during long summer days as well as provides partial privacy in the evenings.

blackout Shades

Centor offers blackout shades that provide full privacy and block light when they are drawn. They are ideal for rooms where privacy is desired or where light needs to be restricted. 


Partially open shades with Dalmatian

Screen doors and shades are only visible when in use and retract into the frame to be completely hidden when not


Centor screens have been put through intensive testing to ensure that they can stand up to real-life use

Spans large openings

Available for extra-large openings to meet your need for privacy, ventilation, and protection from the elements

fingertip operation

Centor’s patented smooth gliding screens are the result of thousands of hours of research and development.


These quality shades and screens can be combined with folding doors, sliding doors, French doors or windows

Centor screens and shades

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